From severe weather to bridesmaids going AWOL, there are countless wedding day horror stories posted online. Reading these stories can be disheartening to couples who are looking to tie the knot, but with the right approach you can avoid most wedding day disasters.

Rain/Bad Weather

You can spend countless hours planning each and every little detail of your wedding, but certain things are out of control — and rain is one of them. Hopefully, mother nature will be kind, giving you and your fiance clear blue skies. If the weather turns south, however, you’ll need a backup plan so the nuptials can proceed as intended. For most small-to-mid-sized weddings, a covered pavilion or chapel should suffice in the event of rain or bad weather.

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Guests are Unable to Find Venue

Unless guests have been to the venue before, they may have trouble finding it on your wedding day. So, how can you prevent this type of disaster from occurring? For starters, double-check the address on your save the dates and invitations before sending them to ensure it’s accurate. Omitting a “Dr” or “Av” from the address could send guests to the wrong location.

Because so many people today rely on GPS navigation services to find places, you may also want to plug the address into GPS to see if it takes you to the venue. If it takes you somewhere different, let everyone know so they aren’t driving around in circles trying to find the venue. Lastly, place some balloons and a sign in front of the driveway to the venue.

Groomsmen or Bridesmaids Gone AWOL

Another all-too-common wedding day disaster occurs when groomsmen or bridesmaids abruptly leave. Perhaps they made an appearance for the ceremony, only to dart off once the bride and groom have exchanged vows. Most couples want to include the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the ceremony, so it’s important that you let them know ahead of time. Tell both wedding parties that their presence is needed during the ceremony and reception. If they aren’t willing to stay for the entire wedding, you may want to choose someone else for this role.

Band/Musician Doesn’t Show Up

Music is a major component of modern-day weddings. Without music, there won’t be a groom-bride dance, a father-daughter dance, or a mother-son dance. This is why it’s essential that couples hire a professional and reliable band or musician to perform at their wedding. Asking “Uncle Joe” to pick away on his 6-string could have disastrous consequences. Click here to inquire about the music entertainment and DJ services that we offer for weddings.