Keeping children entertained at a wedding isn’t always an easy task. Being that the average wedding lasts between four and seven hours, kids can become impatient sitting in their chairs. This is why it’s a good idea to plan entertainment for them in advance, which is something that we’re going to discuss in today’s blog post.

Set Up Play Room

Depending on where you intend to get married, the venue may have an additional room that can be used as a play area for children. You can set up TVs with DVD players, video games, coloring books, and other fun activities. Kids can spend hours here, peacefully enjoying themselves while the wedding commences. Just remember to check with the venue owner or property manager ahead of time to see if there’s an extra room that can be used for this purpose.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Another idea to keep kids entertained at a wedding is to assign them the role of flower girl or ring bearer. Most children will be overjoyed at this opportunity, as it gives them a sense of a purpose and duty in the wedding. The flower girl (or girls) typically walks down the aisle immediately before the bride, sprinkling flowers in her wake. She’s often accompanied with the ring bearer by her side, although some couples may prefer a different timing for the ceremony.

Toss the Confetti

A relatively new wedding tradition involves tossing confetti or birdseed — or blowing bubbles — at the bride and groom when they depart the venue. If you plan on having this tradition at your wedding, ask the children if they would like to participate. As most parents already know, kids love to throw things, so this is one activity that’s sure to make them smile.

Make a Kid-Friendly Dance Floor

Of course, you can always keep kids entertained by encouraging them to dance. After the bride-groom, the father-daughter, and the mother-son dance, open the dance floor for all your wedding guests, including the little ones. A professional disc jockey can play songs that appeal specifically to the younger generation, keeping them busy on the dance floor.

Photo Booth

Last but not least, consider setting up a photo booth at your wedding. In addition to creating photo opportunities from an entirely different perspective, it will also keep kids entertained. Boys and girls of all ages are drawn to photo booths, making this an excellent addition to your wedding.

Photo credit: Kevin Morris