A packed dance floor will set the tone for a fun, energetic and memorable wedding, which is exactly what couples should strive for. On the other hand, if your dance floor remains barren and empty, it will create an awkward void at your wedding. So, what can you do to encourage guests to stand up and shake their tail feathers?

Designate a Large Area for the Dance Floor

Just how large of an area do you need for a wedding dance floor? According to TheKnot, a good rule of thumb is to offer at least three square feet of space for every two guests. If there are 200 guests present at your wedding, for instance, the dance floor should be at least 19′ x 19′. This should be more than enough room for guests to dance openly and without bumping into one another.

The Bride and Groom MUST Dance

There’s no other way around it: the bride and groom must dance at their wedding to encourage others to participate. If you and your fiance remain huddled at your table, so will guests. But if you get up and start moving on the dance floor, guests will jump in and start dancing, as well.

Choose the Right Location for the Dance Floor

Of course, you should also consider the location of your dance floor. You can’t expect guests to dance in small, cramped corner of the venue, which is why it’s important to choose an appropriate location. When scouring prospective venues for your wedding, identify areas that could be used for dancing. You can even ask the venue owner or manager for recommendations, as he or she will likely have a few good places in mind already.

Hire a Professional DJ

There are dozens of great ways to save money when planning your wedding, but skipping the DJ isn’t one of them. A good DJ will not only play music from your preferred track list, but he or she will also engage the audience, encouraging them to dance and have fun. And once those first few people start dancing, others will follow.

Offer ‘Dancing Shoes’ for Female Guests

Some female guests may be reluctant to dance simply because they are wearing high-heeled shoes. A simple solution to this problem is to offer dancing shoes (ballet flats, flip-flops, sandals, etc.) for guests to wear. You can even go one step further by custom ordering these shoes to include your wedding date on them.

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