It’s disheartening when you invest your time and energy into planning a major event, only for a handful of guests to actually attend. Whether it’s a corporate party, conference, trade show, networking event, etc., you probably want it to sell out. Because when it doesn’t, it reflects poorly on your abilities as an event planner.

Co-Host Your Event with Another Organization

Have you considered partnering with another organization to co-host your event? If you share similar goals with another company or organization, reach out to see if they are interested in co-hosting an event. Assuming they aren’t a direct competitor, this type of partnership can prove useful in attracting more guests to your event.

Smart Scheduling

The date on which you schedule your event will directly affect its attendance. You can’t expect many guests to show up if it’s scheduled during the middle of week, simply because most people have jobs and/or go to school during this time. Scheduling your event on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, however, will almost certainly have a positive impact on its attendance rates. You can also “piggyback” off other events in the area by scheduling your event at a similar date and time.

Choose a Convenient Location

The location can make or break an event. If guests are forced to drive long hours just to reach the venue, some of them will likely skip the event. Think about where your target demographic is located and choose a venue within a reasonable driving distance. For corporate events, you’ll want to choose a venue that’s near the workplace.

Make it Entertaining

Let’s face it, guests are more likely to attend your event if it’s fun and entertaining. No wants to sit through a boring, dull event, so consider hiring either a live band or DJ to liven the atmosphere.

Promote Your Event on Social Media

Of course, you can also draw bigger crowds to your events by promoting them on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a strong following on these networks, you can use social media to announce your upcoming events. You can even sell tickets to your event directly on Facebook.

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Offer Early-Bird Registration Specials

Try offering special discounts for early-bird registrations to boost attendance. The allure of receiving 10-20% off can be just enough to entice a prospect to buy a ticket. Early bird registrations such as this create a sense of urgency, compelling guests to buy their tickets now rather than later.