When a guest enjoys an event, he or she may wish to share their experience with others by leaving a review. Other prospective guests will take notice of these reviews, using them to determine whether or not to attend similar events in the future. As an event planner, you should leverage the power of guest reviews to boost attendance and create greater transparency.

Benefits of Guest Reviews for Events

There are dozens of reasons why event planners should seek guest reviews. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. By displaying real, authentic reviews from past guests, you’ll have an easier time convincing prospects to buy tickets to your future events.

Guest reviews also instill a higher level of trust and confidence. When a prospect sees dozens or even hundreds of reviews from past guests, they’ll feel more confident purchasing a ticket.

How to Encourage Guests to Leave a Review

So, how exactly do you get guests to leave reviews about your event? Some guests will likely to take the liberty of leaving a review without any additional effort on your part. However, you can encourage guests to leave reviews by asking them in your event media. Whether it’s an email, “snail mail” letter, brochure or itinerary, don’t be afraid to ask guests for reviews.

Where to Publish Guest Reviews

There are several places where guests can post reviews about your event, one of the most popular being Facebook. If you have a Facebook Page for your event or company, you can ask guests to share their experiences with others here. Keep in mind, however, that only Facebook Pages listed under the “Local Business or Place” can receive actual customer reviews with a star rating.

Other places where guests can leave reviews about your business include a Google+ Page, your website, or Yelp.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

When allowing guests to leave reviews about your event, you may encounter some negative reviews. Assuming your event was a success and catered to the needs of your guests, chances are these will be few and far between. Nevertheless, you should act promptly when dealing with negative reviews, because they can have a significant impact on your future ticket sales. If you discover a negative review, reach out to the guest ASAP to address the issue. Find out why exactly the guest was unhappy, and make the necessary changes to fix it.