You’ll have to eventually toss the cake and flowers in the trash, but one memento from your wedding that you can cherish for all of eternity is the photos.

Get Close to Your Significant Other

Don’t be afraid to snuggle up close to your newlywed spouse when taking pictures. As explained by Brides.com, otherwise small gaps of space between the bride and groom are amplified in photos. By placing yourself against your spouse, though, you’ll create a more intimate photo that captures the moment perfectly.

Choose the Right Photographer

Of course, the photographer whom you hire will also influence the quality of your wedding photos. Sure, you can save a couple of bucks by designating a family member or friend to take photos, but this is one wedding-related expense that you don’t want to cut corners with. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, ask to see his or her portfolio. This will give a first-hand look at their work, which you can use to determine whether they are the right choice.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Hope for the best but plan for the worst is a good mantra for brides and grooms to follow. By preparing a wedding-day emergency kit, complete with needle and thread, stain removing wipes, lip balm, etc., you can overcome spur-of-the-moment problems that could otherwise throw off your photos. It’s hard to create stellar wedding photos when your dress has an unsightly stain. Assuming you have an emergency kit on hand, though, you can treat minor stains such as this. Check out this post for a complete list of items to include in your wedding-day emergency kit.

Embrace the Outdoors

The best wedding photos typically occur outdoors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must choose an indoor venue. Rather, prepare an outdoor area specifically for photos. A professional and experienced photographer should utilize the outdoor environment to create stellar wedding photos. And with fall season officially here, the outdoors offer a brilliant combination of colors for a picture-perfect background.

Surprise Moments

It’s not uncommon for the bride or groom (sometimes both) to plan a surprise moment during their wedding. Maybe it’s a surprise song in which the bride and groom bust out singing their favorite song, or perhaps it’s a surprise speech. Regardless, you should let your photographer know ahead of time when and where these surprises will take place. If you don’t, the photographer may not be able to capture the moment on camera.

Photo credit: Joe Chawan