From the east coast to west, the colorful landscape characterized with blooming flowers and plant life can only mean one thing: spring is in the air. With this seasonal transition comes the perfect opportunity for couples to say their “I do’s.” Springtime weddings offer mild temperatures, aesthetically pleasing environments, and they are typically cheaper than summer weddings (summer is considered the ‘peak’ time of year of weddings).


Get Started NOW

If you want to get married this spring season, you should begin planning now. Some professional wedding planners recommend starting as soon as 12 months in advance. However, you can plan a traditional wedding in as little as a couple months, assuming you get the ball rolling now.

Have a Backup Plan for Rain

Even if the local weather calls for clear and sunny skies on your wedding day, you should still create a backup plan for bad weather just in case. If your ceremony is being held outdoors and a rainstorm rolls through, it could turn your otherwise picture-perfect wedding into a mess. To prevent such heartache, consider choosing a venue with both an outdoor and indoor facility, using the latter as a backup in case of bad weather. Another idea is to set up a large tent or gazebo over your outdoor ceremony to shelter guests from rain.

Use Seasonal Spring Flowers

In addition to the mild temperature, another perk of getting married in spring is the increased availability to seasonal spring flowers. Sure, you can probably buy many of these flowers during other times of the year, though you can expect to pay more since they are out of season. Some colorful and vibrant spring flowers to consider for your wedding include lilies, tulips, daisies, lilac and hyacinths.

Spring-Themed Favors for Guests

You can further embrace the spring season by offering spring-themed favors to your wedding guests. A gift bag consisting of easy-to-grow plants and vegetables, for instance, is a fun and innovative favor that most guests will love. And unlike candy or some other edible gift, they aren’t immediately forgotten about.

Dress in Layers

Depending on when and where exactly you plan to get married, you may experience some semi-cool spring weather on your big day — and that’s okay. You can stay comfortable regardless of the temperature by wearing layers. Many bridal salons, for instance, offer a long-sleeve cover or wrap for brides to wear over their wedding dress. If the weather gets hot, you can always take the outer layer off.