Named after its inventor John Landis Mason, mason jars offer a classic country style that’s perfect for rustic wedding. While they were originally created specifically for canning, they’ve since found their way into countless other applications, including soap dispensers, lanterns, cocktails, and even weddings. So, how can you incorporate mason jars into your wedding?


Flower Holder

One of the most popular uses for mason jars at weddings is to hold flowers. The wedding website TheKnot shows an example in which blue-tinted mason jars are being used to hold floral arrangements. The bottom of the mason jars are filled with water, after which the flowers are carefully placed inside. With an average cost of roughly $1 per jar, this is much cheaper than buying individual vases for your wedding.

Drink Glasses

Even if your design skills are lacking, you can still use mason jars as drink glasses at your wedding. The standard size features a 16-ounce capacity, making it ideal for this purpose. Whether you fill them with tea, lemonade, soda, sparkling water or cocktails, you can’t go wrong when using mason jars as drink glasses.

Escort Cards

A lesser-known use for mason cars at weddings is to hold escort cards. As you may already know, escort cards are are used to inform guests where they will be sitting. Rather than placing them all on a table, you can place the escort cards in mason jars labeled with the respective guest’s name.

Votive Holder

Mason jars can also be used in weddings as a decorative candle holders. If you plan on using candles in your wedding, you’ll want to enclose them in some type of open-lid container to reduce the risk of an accident. Being that mason jars are designed with an opened top (60 mm diameter inner rim and 70 mm outer), it’s the perfect size for votive candles. After placing a single candle in each jar, you can use them to decorate tables at your reception.

Guest Favors

Of course, another idea is to hand out mason jars as guest favors at your wedding. Rather than just giving your guests a plain mason jar, however, try to think outside of the box by making it unique. For instance, you can customize the outside of the mason jars with you and your soon-to-be-spouse’s name, or you can fill them homemade candies or treats.

These are just a few innovative ways to incorporate mason jars into your wedding.

Photo Credit: MsSaraKelly