Should you plan a large and extravagant wedding or a smaller wedding? While there are pros and cons associated with both, many couples prefer the latter. To learn more about the benefits of having a small wedding, keep reading.

It’s More Intimate

Smaller weddings tend to offer a more romantic and intimate environment. With fewer distractions, you can focus on the wedding and your soon-to-be-spouse, making this a more memorable experience.

It Costs Less

This is a huge benefit, and it’s often the main reason why couples choose to have a small wedding. As explained by The Knot and Reviews.com, the average wedding in the United States costs more than $31,000. However, the single most influential factor in the cost of a wedding is its size. The bigger your wedding, the more you’ll spend on food, beverages, seating, floral arrangements, decor, etc. So if you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget, consider making it small — or at the very least reducing your guest list.

More Venue Options

By having a small wedding, you’ll have more venue options from which to choose. All indoor venues have a maximum occupancy for safety purposes. If the number of guests you invite is greater than this number, you’ll need to choose a different venue; otherwise, guests some guests may be turned away at the door. With a small wedding, however, you can rest assured knowing that everyone whom you invite can attend.

More Time to Spend with Guests

Couples typically only have a few minutes to speak to guests at their wedding, with these conversations happening during the receiving line. Planning a small wedding, however, gives you the opportunity to spend more time with guests. You can sit down and talk with your friends and family without worrying about rushing on to the next phase.

Less Stressful

Planning a big wedding with 100+ guests can be downright stressful. You’ll see your long-lost uncles, aunts and second cousins for the first time in years. With all of these extra eyes on you at the alter, there’s a certain level of stress that comes with it. Granted, small weddings can also trigger some internal stress and anxiety, but most couples will agree that it pales in comparison to a large and extravagant wedding.

As you can see, small weddings offer several benefits, including cost savings, more venue options, reduced stress, the ability to talk with guests on a personal level, and a more intimate environment.