Hiring a DJ for your hotel is a great idea. Here are a few ways you can earn back what you spend and then some when you book a professional DJ to partner with your hotel.

  • Weddings and events – Rather than having guests go out and find a DJ, you can offer DJ services directly to clients who book your grand room for a wedding or other special event. You can either offer DJ services along with the rental and charge a higher rate or offer the services at an additional charge when a client wants to book the room.
  • Have your music curated – A professional DJ is also in a great position to curate a playlist for your hotel. Whether you need music for the hotel lobby, restaurants, rooftop bar, poolside, or any other part of the hotel, hiring a pro to curate your tunes is a great way to ensure that guests will get a great impression from their listening experience.

Hire the Best DJs in the San Diego Area

At SGM Events, we work with the best talent in the San Diego area. If you want a DJ for special events and music curation at your facility, we can connect you with a wide range of talented acts who are great performers and knowledgeable in the music industry.

To find the right DJ for your hotel, give SGM Events a call today at 800.670.7308, or you can inquire about booking a DJ directly from our website. Just check out our extensive list of artists to find a DJ who meets your hotel’s unique needs.