When you are planning a special event, you should choose a venue to fit your entertainment and not the other way around. Here are the reasons why:

  • Acoustics – If you plan on having live music at your event, acoustics have to be a consideration when selecting a venue. For a DJ or a form of entertainment that does not involve music, the acoustics are less of a necessity.
  • Ambiance – Once you select a venue, you may feel tied to choosing an entertainer who matches the ambiance. If the ambiance is more important to you, that’s fine. But remember that the entertainment will be the highlight of the evening for guests.
  • Layout – If you want the DJ or band to get everyone up on the dance floor, there needs to be a dance floor or at least room for people to dance. If tables for the meal take up every inch of floor space, things are going to get crazy when people want to bust a move later in the evening.
  • Capacity – How many people do plan on having at your event? The size of the event will determine both the type of entertainment and the size of the venue that you require.

The Entertainment Artists Your Special Event Needs

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