If you are planning a wedding in southern California, here are some compelling reasons to think about hiring a professional DJ.

  1. Music – Pro DJs are going to have thousands of songs at their disposal. They are all high quality and in the proper format. If you have a guest DJing your wedding from his smartphone and someone makes a request, you never know if the song may get downloaded at a poor quality or if it is even going to be the right song. Plus, your friend may end up downloading something illegally.
  2. Equipment – Pro sound equipment is always going to sound better. It’s not just louder than ordinary speakers. You also get clarity. Don’t just think about the music. This can also help your speeches and announcements to be easily heard and understood.
  3. Talent – Professional DJs are obviously good at what they do. You’re going to get great songs played in a mix that will get your guests excited to dance.
  4. Experience – There are some things that you just have to do over and over to better at it. Pro DJs have experience in all sorts of situations and know how to interact with a crowd in a professional way while still helping everyone to have fun.
  5. Flexibility – Your DJ is going to be willing to let you call the shots. You can have a must play list, a do not play list, and certain types of dances that you want during the evening. A paid professional isn’t going to go rogue and ignore your wishes.

Hire a Pro DJ in Southern California

At SGM Events, we have the best professional DJs in the San Diego area, so you can choose a pro who meets your wedding vibe and know that you are getting one of the best. Contact us today at 800.670.7308, or you can submit a booking inquiry online.