If you want everyone at your ceremony and reception to have a great time, music is one of the key considerations. How can you provide the best music on your special day? Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

  • Hiring an amateur – Having a buddy DJ your BBQ or play an acoustic set for a graduation party is one thing. Your wedding requires professionalism. Whether you want a DJ, a solo artist, or a band, don’t dismiss the idea of hiring a professional just to save a little bit of money.
  • Only playing one genre of music – There’s a good reason for celebrating diversity, and that includes when it comes to music. Why lock yourself into one particular type of sound? Your artist should be able and willing to play various genres of music to keep the evening lively.
  • Not being part of the music selection process – Sometimes the bride and groom think hiring a performer and selecting a few music genres is the extent of their job, and if you really don’t care what songs are played at your wedding, maybe that’s okay. However, if you have songs that need to be played and others you want to avoid at all costs, that needs to be communicated in advance.

Hire the Right San Diego Wedding Musicians and Other Performers

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