If you want to arrange your wedding ceremony in a more traditional manner, here is an order of events checklist to assist you with your planning.

  • The Wedding Procession – The wedding begins, and the wedding party and then the bride walk down the aisle to the carefully selected music.
  • Discourse by officiant – The person presiding of the wedding will usually start with some general greetings and comments on marriage. Then he will turn to the bride and groom for more personal attention regarding their new life together.
  • Exchanging of vows – Since you are going with a traditional ceremony, you may want traditional vows as well, although some people choose to write their own.
  • Exchanging of rings – At this point, the couple place rings on one another’s left hand symbolizing their commitment to each other.
  • Marriage pronouncement – The officiant will now announce the happy couple as newly married.
  • The first kiss – The couple gets to kiss for the first time as husband and wife, usually to thunderous applause.
  • First steps as husband and wife – The recessional is the exiting of the couple and sometimes the wedding party and other family members, once again to music.

Getting the Music for Your Ceremony and Reception Right

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