If you are planning a corporate event, whether it is a product release or some other major announcement, then you want to use social media for promotions. Instagram is a great way to accomplish this and create excitement for your event. Here are a few tips.

  • Use stories – Hundreds of millions of stories are posted every day on Instagram. You can use these 24-hour posts to share a peak behind-the-scenes at your event. Post everything from the setup to your event entertainment
  • Use hashtags – The right hashtags get your content noticed by people who are not already following your brand. Be sure to use hashtags that are common for your industry, but you may also want to create a hashtag for event attendees to use so you can see what people are posting. A competition for best picture with some sort of prize is a great way to get people to promote your event for you.
  • Read and respond to comments accordingly – Social media is called social for a reason. If you don’t interact, you’re using it wrong. Just be sure to have someone who really loves your brand and who can avoid controversy at the helm. It’s best just to ignore online trolls and focus on genuine comments (both good and bad).

Hire the Best Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

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