Some wedding trends are cyclical, while others seem to come completely out of left field. Here are some of the wedding trends that were pretty far off the radar a decade ago.

  • Wedding Hashtags – Wedding hashtags are a great way to share pictures on social sites like Instagram. Of course, a decade ago there was no Instagram (it premiered in 2010), so no one could have had this idea yet. We were still just leaving disposable cameras on the table for our friends to take pictures, most of which didn’t come out very good.
  • Wedding Cake Alternatives – Wedding cakes have been in style since the 1800s, so anything toppling this nearly 200-year trend is pretty shocking. While many couples still have a small cake for the cutting ceremony, desserts are more diverse now. The cupcake trend has brought about changes for couples, and so has the trend of DIY food stations which makes sundaes popular. Cake pops are another fun and tasty idea.
  • Having a Band and a DJ – This is one that we really enjoy at SGM Events because it allows us to showcase our great wedding bands and DJs. You may have a band play the music for your ceremony and cocktail hour and then have a DJ take over for the dancing or any other combination of the two types of entertainer.

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