You may not be able to have any big parties right now, but we know that the “stay at home” order in California won’t last forever. When you are able to get together with your friends again, you will no doubt want to make up for lost time. That means scheduling big social events like weddings or even just a friends and family dance. How can SGM Events help?

We have taken the guesswork out of finding the best performers in the San Diego area. Whether you are looking for a band, DJ, solo artist, magician, acrobat, or many other types of entertainers, we have what you need.

We also offer additional services to help make your next gathering really special. For example, photo booth rental allows you to get tons of great pictures with your friends, regardless of whether you hire a professional photographer. And you get the photos right away! We also offer unique experiences such as a silent disco, where a DJ plays music to wireless headsets, and people dance to music that no one outside of the party can hear.

SGM Events Will Be Here for You When the Time Is Right

Right now, we all need to do our duty and protect each other by staying home. But when the time is right, SGM Music will be here to help you enjoy the biggest and best parties ever. In the meantime, look through our roster of artists and enjoy some of their music online. When it is time to schedule an event, call 800.670.7308, or submit an online inquiry.