After delaying and hoping for the best, you may have decided that the only way to have your wedding in the near future is to use Zoom or another videoconferencing application. We’re here to help you still have the elegant bash you deserve. Here are our favorite tips for a Zoom wedding extravaganza.

  • Send an Evite – Use an online invitation site to let your guests know all the information they need regarding when to logon, what the ceremony and reception will entail, how to dress, and so on.
  • Choose the right location and time of day – If you are going to be indoors, try to schedule the wedding for when you will still have plenty of daylight. If it is possible to be outside, that will work even better!
  • Don’t have a ton of guests – Having too many friends and family on the zoom call could slow down the connection of the call or make the screen feel cluttered.
  • Screen your guests – Have a close relative or friend screen each invitee before they hop on the zoom call to check everyone’s attire. You want everyone to still look their best for your virtual wedding!
  • Have the entertainment recorded – Even if you want to hire professional musicians to play live, be sure they prerecord everything in case something goes wrong with the connection the day of. This is especially true for your wedding song.
  • Take your own pictures – If you don’t have a way to set up a camera for remote photos, you should at least take a ton of selfies and screenshots.

Helping You Say “I Do” Under Any Circumstances

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