COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be showing signs of letting us hang out with our friends anytime soon. One good way to keep up with the people closest to you is to start an online club. It takes away the pressure of having to come up with things to talk about. Here are the possibilities if you have never started a club like this before.­­

  • Book club – This is a basic form of club that most people are familiar with. You all read the same book and then discuss it. Variations can include a movie club or a tv show club.
  • Cooking club – Each week, you and your friends pick a recipe. Then you can all either get together on Zoom to talk while cooking, or you can meet up when everyone is done to show off the finished product and eat together.
  • Wine tasting club – Everyone buys the same new wines to try each week. Then you get together to do the tasting.
  • Crafting club – Try out new crafts each week. Who knows? You may find a hidden talent or a new hobby that you find relaxing!
  • Workout club – Get together for your workouts. Everyone can pick an exercise and take turns leading the group, so you all stay healthy together.

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