All 50 states are beginning to open back up in one way or another, but hanging out with friends is low on the priority list for officials who are trying to get us all back to work safely. Since we may still be socializing with friends online for a little while longer, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for getting together via videoconference.

  • Cocktail Hour – This is a great way to keep conversation lively and forget that it is going to be a while before bars are open again. Give everybody enough advance notice so they can have their favorite cocktail ready. Or come up with a new cocktail for everyone to try, share the recipe, and make them together.
  • Dinner party – Get out the good dinnerware, cook your hearts out, and show off the meal! Or you can just all order delivery from your favorite local spots and support local businesses.
  • Game night – Charades and Pictionary are two games that translate really well over videoconference.
  • Dance party – You can take turns picking the songs or go all out and hire an actual DJ for your online party.

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