A recent study looked at how the pandemic affected weddings in 2020, but it also predicted that the year of celebrations would be upon us once the vaccines help get venues reopened and gathering safe again. Here are a few quick takeaways from the study:

  • 93% of weddings are still happening – A mere 7% of couples decided to get married privately and just not have a reception.
  • 32% of couples have pushed back the reception – A 2020 ceremony allowed vows to be exchanged. Nothing slows down love! But the reception is waiting until later this year or even until 2022 for some.
  • 15% have postponed the entire wedding – That means there will also be more ceremonies after the reopening as some couples are waiting until they can have everyone present for both the ceremony and the reception.
  • 82% added health and safety precautions to their 2020 ceremony – We’re happy to see that most couples were safety conscious, even if they decided to have a small ceremony during the pandemic.

Are you ready to get your party on? Did you postpone your reception or perhaps the entire ceremony? Reopening draws closer every day, and SGM Events wants to help you be ready for your big day when it happens.

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