The pandemic has gone on long enough that we can’t let it stop weddings. But we also know that we can’t just get hundreds of people in a room, legally or safely, at this time. So how are couples pivoting to enjoy their wedding during the pandemic? Here are three popular options.

  • Option 1: Have a virtual wedding – Obviously, this is the safest option. In fact, you may have the actual legal side of things performed privately at the courthouse. Then, on Zoom or another platform, just have a speech and the exchanging of vows followed by a party.
  • Option 2: Elope – People run off and get married without fanfare all the time. Maybe it wasn’t part of your plan, but plans change, especially during a pandemic.
  • Option 3: A small ceremony now with a future reception – You can have a small, in-person ceremony with just a few close family members or friends. Preferably, you will want to do this outdoors for extra safety. Rather than having the reception immediately after the ceremony, postpone it, perhaps even until 2022. This can allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without having to wait another year to exchange your vows.

One Thing Is Certain About the Future of Weddings

The one thing that is certain about the future of weddings is that we are going to have them. When you are ready to throw that big reception all your friends and family have been waiting for, SGM Events will be here to provide the best talent in the San Diego area. Start planning your wedding entertainment for your virtual wedding or your future in-person reception today by calling 800.670.7308, or you can make an inquiry online.