With the vaccine rollout in full swing, we’re getting more and more excited about the time weddings will be a safe event to attend. For now, weddings across the country are in the planning (and replanning) stage. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that many couples who decided to postpone their spring 2020 wedding until spring 2021 are now having to push the date back again.

If you are stuck in this same situation, here are a couple of tips to help you get things moving.

  • Consider delaying only the reception – It may be possible for you to have a small ceremony safely, especially outdoors during the warmer weather. If everyone is vaccinated, you may even feel comfortable inviting a few close friends to go along with your immediate family members. You can go on the honeymoon and plan the reception for when things open up fully.
  • Take the extra time to plan and save – In reality, weddings are expensive, and very few couples are able to pay for the whole thing upfront. Think of this as an opportunity to start out your marriage without debt. Work on clearing any existing bills and saving for the wedding while you wait for things to open up. Then, rethink the plans to see if you can find a safe way to move things up, perhaps to the summer or fall, rather than waiting another entire year.

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