The pandemic has made getting married a complicated process unless you want to elope. If you want others to join you on your special day (as most people do), then you need to make arrangements to protect the safety of everyone and involved, follow local laws, and hold up to CDC guidelines. What if the time comes when it is possible to hold a larger gathering, but your state requires everyone to be vaccinated (or have a negative test, etc.)? What if you want everyone attending even a small ceremony to have the vaccination?

Medical care is a touchy subject, and you don’t want to make decisions for others. However, you also have to protect yourself and the new family you are forming by getting married. If you want all your guests to be vaccinated, what are some tactful ways to let them know?

  • Use the invitation – Invitations used to only have one question outside of the guest letting you know how many were coming: Do you want the chicken or the beef [feel free to insert your meal options]? Now you may need to ask further questions such as, do you plan to have your second COVID vaccine shot at least two weeks before the ceremony?
  • Use your wedding website – This gives you an opportunity to tell guests your pandemic precautions and write a brief explanation of why you have made those decisions.

Finding the Entertainment for Your Future Event

Once larger events become possible, you will want to be sure you have the right entertainment. People have been waiting over a year to party, and you may have been waiting over a year for your reception. Let SGM Events help you make your big day worth the wait with San Diego’s best talent. Call 800.670.7308 today, or make an online inquiry.