After your wedding, the song you choose for your first dance will follow you forever. You’ll give each other that side of the eye glance when you hear it in public. You’ll want to play it on your anniversary. Dancing for the first time as a married couple creates a special memory. How can you choose a song that will make the memory even sweeter?

  • Stick to the classics – There is a reason why the same songs get used over and over again. You want a song that will still be on the radio decades from now, not one where you’ll have to explain to your kids who the artist was and why they never had another hit.
  • Pay attention to song length – Most people don’t like being alone on the dance floor for more than three or three and a half minutes. If you choose a four or even five-minute song, everyone gets antsy. If you must have a longer song, see if your band can shorten it a little or if your DJ has a radio edit.
  • Think about your audience – Your first song creates special memories for your closest friends and family as well. Selecting something no one knows but you and your new spouse may leave wedding guests feeling alienated.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Entertainment in San Diego

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