Many current wedding entertainment and event trends have developed as a result of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean all of them are bad. Here are a couple that may help you to solve some common wedding issues.

  • Hybrid attendance – In the past, wedding guests had to tell you if they were coming or if they were going to miss your wedding altogether. Now, we’ve learned that it’s not difficult to put someone in charge of sharing the event on Zoom. Even if you have some loved ones who are older or infirm and who can’t travel, you can still have them watch the event live. This is even great for couples who want a destination wedding and are keeping the guest list small but, know there are many who will want to observe the ceremony.
  • Spread-out seating – Now, it is common to spread out the tables and even have fewer seats at each table. However, you used to have to worry about how certain friends or relatives may deal with awkward interactions. With less interaction and spread-out seating means you can separate those two uncles who always seem to get into a shouting match at every family event, and it won’t be obvious you signaled them out.

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