Music plays a significant role in nearly every wedding ceremony. We know that the pandemic is impacting how some couples are celebrating their union. Here is a checklist to help you think about the times you may need to have an entertainer provide music on your big day.

  • Welcoming guests – At the ceremony, guests often enter in silence and may spend a while waiting (depending on whether the event starts on time or not). Easy listening music is a nice way to welcome guests and keep them occupied as they chat before the ceremony begins.
  • During the ceremony – You want to choose the right music as the wedding party and bride walk down the aisle and during the exit procession.
  • Cocktail hour – While the guests await the wedding party at the reception, there is often a cocktail hour. This is another time to provide entertainment for guests. Remember to keep the music at an appropriate volume for conversation. Instead of just having a playlist or DJ playing at a low volume, a live acoustic act could be the perfect addition to your wedding.
  • Reception – From the first dance until the last dance and everything in between, this is the time when your entertainers will really earn their money, whether you choose to go the DJ or acoustic route.

Some of your biggest wedding choices will surround entertainment, and that starts with choosing the right musicians to be a part of the event.

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