Prior to the pandemic, weddings were known for being huge private events with lots of entertainment. But have you thought about what sort of entertainment you may hire for your wedding now as the pandemic continues? Here are a few options that may still be effective.

  • Live musicians – Whether you choose a solo artist or a wedding band, there is nothing quite like live music. A solo artist playing the violin or cello or even some singer/songwriter tunes on the guitar is perfect for a smaller or high-class event. But if you really want to rock out on the dance floor, there’s nothing quite like having a full band onstage.
  • Professional DJ – A DJ can keep the music going throughout the entire event, from welcoming guests to the ceremony to the final dance at the end of the evening. This also gives you a great opportunity to incorporate a wider playlist if you are a fan of many different genres.
  • Photo booth – Okay, so this isn’t live entertainment, but it can provide a lot of enjoyment for your guests and leave you with some nice photographic memories besides the ones you get from your wedding photographer.

San Diego’s Best Wedding Entertainment

SGM Events can help you plan for your wedding entertainment because we have all of the best artists in one agency, including alternative acts (for example, magicians are always fun). To hire the best entertainment for your wedding, call 858.270.2195, or you can make an inquiry online today.