Music has played an important role in the wedding celebration for a long time. However, as the way that people commemorate the ceremony and reception changes, the times that you want music at your wedding needs to be adjusted. Here are five times during your wedding day that you may want entertainment, depending on how you plan to spend your big day with your guests.

  1. Welcoming guests to the ceremony – Rather than entering the ceremony in silence, music can be a nice way to greet your guests.
  2. Processionals – When the wedding party is entering and leaving the ceremony, you want to have perfect music playing.
  3. During the cocktail hour – Like welcoming guests to the ceremony, this is usually the start of the reception, so music can be a nice way to welcome your guests to the rest of the evening.
  4. Dinner music – Remember to keep the music quiet since guests will likely be conversing. Alternatively, you may just see if you can use the DJ/Band’s microphone for speeches at this time.
  5. The dance party – From the first song to the last dance, this is when your wedding entertainers really earn their money.

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