There are many wedding traditions that have been passed down for generations that everyone loves. However, there are some things that happen at every wedding that makes guests cringe. Here are three things to avoid at your wedding and how you can do something fun for your guests instead.

  • Ridiculously long (and embarrassing) speeches – No one wants to sit there and listen to someone in the wedding party go on for ten or even 20 minutes. If someone is going to give a speech, make sure they have it timed – no more than a few minutes. And tell them to keep the really personal stuff for a private conversation or their card to you. There’s no need to talk about exes, inside jokes, or anything crass while eating dinner.
  • The garter toss – A lot of people find this awkward and uncomfortable, especially if there are kids at the wedding. Instead, maybe have a special dance for couples and gradually ask them to leave the dance floor based on how long they’ve been married. At the end of the dance, cheer for the couple married the longest, and maybe ask them for some marriage advice.
  • Long meal delays – If you anticipate the meal taking some time to prepare, why not have some alternative wedding entertainment for your guests? A comedian, magician, or some acrobats may keep everyone happy while they wait for food service.

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