We’ve been waiting a long time to party, and that means you may be hiring several types of entertainment for your wedding. From DJs to bands to alternative performers, how can you avoid the most common mistakes people make when hiring wedding entertainers? It starts by knowing the most common mistakes. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • Hiring someone with little or no experience – Your cousin may be willing to DJ your wedding for free, but unless he or she is a professional DJ, you are giving up a lot.
  • Choosing entertainment based solely on price – Budget is important, so set a price first. Then find the best performers in that price range rather than automatically going with the cheapest option.
  • Settling – Don’t give up if the artist you really want isn’t available. You don’t want to settle for just anyone because you can’t get your first choice.
  • Waiting too long to book an entertainer – Waiting too long means you’re going to be looking for an entertainer who has trouble getting booked (and there’s usually a good reason for that).
  • Not having a Plan B – Things happen, especially in the midst of a pandemic. You want a plan in place if your entertainment has to back out at the last minute due to illness or other unforeseeable issues. Working with an agency gives you an entire group of replacement entertainers ready to step in and make your day special.

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