The gorgeous colors, crisp air, and endless style choices make fall the perfect time for your wedding. There’s so many fall inspired ideas to choose from! Let’s talk about the top 5 that you just NEED to incorporate in your autumn inspired wedding. By using these 5 ideas, you’re sure to have the perfect fall wedding!

  1.  Bold & Rich Colors – Autumn offers so many gorgeous color palettes to choose from. From classic warm toned reds, oranges, and yellows to deeper jewel tones like green and burgundy. There’s a perfect fall color palette for every event. These colors can be tied into decor, florals, bridesmaids’ dresses, and so much more!
  2.  Fall Foliage and Flowers – Whether you’re planning a wedding or looking to add some floral decor to another event, fall florals are the perfect option. You can brighten your event with golden sunflowers, or add a pop of color with daisies or petunias. Fall also offers us gorgeous leaves which could be incorporated into decor or bouquets.
  3.  Signature Autumn Beverages – Add a signature fall beverage to your wedding to keep guests warm and cozy. Something as simple as warm apple cider adds a delicious and cozy touch. You could also come up with a signature cocktail that incorporates fall flavors like cranberry, apple, or cinnamon for the perfect drink!
  4. Personalized Details – Personalized details are a great way to make your event special and unique to you. They also add a cozy touch for the fall season. Think personalized photos, handwritten notes, and unique party favors. There’s so many unique ways to incorporate your personal style into your event. You can also add something fun like a photo booth, to give guests a small token to remember how much fun they had at your event.
  5. Seasonal Food & Entertainment – As weather changes seasonally, so do the perfect food and entertainment options. You could personalize a fall themed menu or provide food trucks from your favorite local restaurants. Entertainment can also match the season by choosing a live musician to play an acoustic set or having a DJ mix up all your favorite songs that fit your fall event.

By incorporating these ideas into your fall wedding, you’re sure to have the perfect wedding, the happiest guests around, and a celebration that no one will forget!

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