When you’re planning a wedding, it can feel overwhelming. While it may seem more affordable to hire a band, a wedding DJ or MC (master-of-ceremonies) is a not-miss part of your wedding budget.

But what really is a wedding DJ/MC’s role at a wedding ceremony and reception? A great wedding DJ and MC doesn’t simply help with music at the reception, they help manage the entire flow of the day. They are responsible for creating the full experience for you and your wedding guests from ceremony to party. Read on for more on how a wedding DJ/MC can help on your big day.

Music is an Important Part of an Event
Part of their job is working to maintain the overall energy and vibe of the day. This means they can use music and flow to adjust as needed.

Managing the Wedding Schedule
Having someone to help manage the schedule of your ceremony and reception activities is a great asset. In addition, they will also help manage the relevant music that goes along with each event. If you have a wedding planner, they can work with them. If not, a wedding DJ or MC will help manage the schedule so you can enjoy the day!

Acting as Your Party Announcer
They’ll be the “announcer voice” of the party. For example, they can direct guests to the right place, announce your wedding party, announce events, and more.

Standing in as Your Tech Help
They’ll also be your stand-in tech help when the best man’s voice is too soft during his speech, or if grandma has to stay seated to say a few words. Eliminating any fuss and tech issues from your day’s to-do list is key to enjoying the day.

Managing the Vibe
Without a wedding DJ or MC, there’s no lead to manage the flow and feel of the party or ceremony. Our DJs have a special talent of reading a room and managing a crowd. These are two skills you’ll really want for the day.

Stepping It Up
You want your wedding to feel special. One way to do that is to bring that level of sound professionalism that can make the music go from” garage band” sound to a true, great night out. Why would you settle for any less amongst your special decor and dresses?

The music, the flow, and the party are huge parts of a wedding ceremony and reception. You shouldn’t settle for any less than hiring the perfect wedding DJ and MC for your big day!

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