Lighting plays a key role in the ambiance and overall setting of an event. The right lighting will create a relaxing, fun-filled atmosphere that guests are sure to appreciate. But the wrong lighting will have the opposite effect by dampening the mood and creating a lackluster atmosphere that does your event no justice.

Monogram Lighting

If you really want your event to stand out from the rest, consider using monogram lighting. Also known as gobo lighting, it features pre-cut stencils that are placed in front of a light source to create custom light designs. Once activated, it projects the stencil design on the wall by blocking out portions of light – the same underlying principle behind shadow puppets. Monogram lighting can be used to display logos, names, phrases, designs and more. SGM Events and our wedding DJs offer monograms as an optional service, please inquire for more details.


What in the world is uplighting and why you should use it at your next event? The term “uplighting” refers to a unique lighting technique in which indirect light is cast on the ceiling and then reflected back on the ground. Because it uses indirect lighting, there’s minimal glare produced, making it particularly beneficial when used around big-screen TVs and computer monitors.

If you’re planning to set up an electronic display at your next event, uplighting can be a fun and innovative source of lighting that’s not going to interfere with the display. The downside to uplighting, however, is its reliance on the reflective properties of the ceiling. Without a reflective surface on which to cast, uplighting will appear dimmer than it should. Current uplighting trends include color changing and LED technology. SGM Events and our wedding DJs offer uplighting as an options service, please inquire for more details.

String Lighting

Of course, string lighting is another viable way to illuminate your event. Consisting of multiple individual bulbs attached to a string, they can be used in a variety of different ways. The San Diego Zoo’s Zoofari Party area, for instance, features several large umbrella-like structures that are decorated with string lights. This brilliant canopy of lights helps to illuminate the area for attendees while also setting the tone for a fun, stress-free environment.

Fiber Optics Lighting

Fibers optics has become a popular source of lighting for events and parties. It features strands of thin glass fiber (silica) through which light is transmitted. Light can either produced at the end of the fiber, or it can be produced from the outside of the fiber. The latter, known as edge-emitting fiber, creates the appearance of a glow tube, making it ideal for late-night parties and gatherings.

Unlike incandescent bulbs or other standard forms of lighting, fiber optics is virtually heat-free. The glass fibers allow the transmission of light but not heat. Subsequently, fiber optics lighting has a low risk of sparking a fire or causing heat damage to nearby objects.

Photo credit: Impact Sounds