A wedding day survival kit is something that every bride should prepare for her big day. As Murphy’s law states, if anything can go wrong, it will, holds true during weddings. From dress mishaps and stains to members of your wedding party going AWOL, problems are bound to occur. With a wedding day survival kit on hand, however, you can avoid many of these issues.

Dryer Sheets

It’s unlikely that you’ll be doing any laundry on your wedding day, but you should still toss a couple dryer sheets in your survival kit. If your dress is experiencing static cling, just rub a dryer sheet across the surface and voila: no more static. Dryer sheets are made with positive-charged ions that work to balance out the negative-charged ions of static electricity. You can even use them on your hair, as well.

Lint Roller

Available for about $1-$2 bucks a piece, lint rollers are an invaluable asset to a bride’s wedding survival kit. Whether your dress is covered in dirt, hair, pet fur, or a combination thereof, you can quickly clean it with a lint roller.

Vendor Contact Information

It’s also a good idea to include a written list of content information for each and every vendor whom is scheduled to provide services at your wedding. Whether it’s the catering company, disc jockey, photographer, band, etc. keep a list of their names and phone numbers on hand. If you have any questions or simply want to confirm their service, you can call the vendor.

Note: you may also want to create a separate list with the phone numbers for your bridesmaids and the groomsmen.


Even if you remembered to wear deodorant on your wedding day, someone in your wedding party may have forgotten. Bring a stick of deodorant just in case.

Eye Drops

Whether they are caused by allergies or tears of joy, you don’t want red eyes when walking down the aisle on your wedding day. Red eyes and white wedding dresses don’t mix, so carry a travel-sized bottle of eye drops in your survival kit.

Stain Remover Pen

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen on your wedding, but if you or someone else accidentally spills a beverage on your dress, you’ll want to clean it before the ceremony begins. Using a stain remover pen, you can quickly conceal minor stains so they are not noticeable to guests.

Pain Reliever

Don’t let a headache ruin your otherwise perfect wedding day. Pack a bottle of acetaminophen or ibuprofen into your survival day. If you feel the onset of a headache, go ahead and take a couple pain relievers to knock it out early.