Event planning is a dynamic industry that continues to change and evolve with each passing year. A trend that’s “hot” one year may be gone the next. As such, it’s essential for event planners and organizers to stay on top of the latest trends.


If you haven’t heard about iBeacon yet, you will soon. Originally unveiled by Apple, Inc. in 2013 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, it’s a revolutionary new form of digital communications technology that allows smartphones to receive information or perform other actions when in close proximity to a separate device known as an iBeacon. Using iBeacons, event planners can automatically send welcome messages to attendees as they check in; guide attendees to booths or other areas of the venues; send advertisements or other promotional messages to attendees; and much more.

Venues: Thinking Outside the Box

Hotels have long been the choice of venue for many companies and professional event planners, but there’s a growing trend towards the use of alternative, more innovative venues in recent years. Hotels are often generic and offer little in terms of style and entertainment. Other venues like the University Club atop Symphony Towers and San Diego Zoo Safari Park offer a unique experience that attendees are sure to love.

WiFi Availability

Wireless network access is no longer an “option” for event venues. It’s become a staple amenity that attendees expect when they arrive. Attendees often use WiFi to access information about the event, share photos and status updates on social media, and check their email. Last year, more than 42% of the world’s mobile Internet traffic and 90% of the world’s tablet Internet traffic was powered by WiFi. Failure to book a venue that offers WiFi could leave attendees without a means to access the Internet.


Another trend that you can expect to see more of in the event planning trade is sustainability. While some people view it as nothing more than a buzz word, there’s real meaning behind it. Sustainability is the practice of using clean, Eco-friendly products and techniques to minimize or eliminate negative effects on the environment. By making your event sustainable, you’ll encourage others to follow suit.

Here are some sustainability tips to consider incorporating into your next event:

  • Switch from incandescent lighting to energy-efficient LED or CCFL. Our mobile disc jockeys are now offering color changing LED uplighting, please inquire today for more details.
  • Use biodegradable plates and cups.
  • Set up recycling bins throughout the event for plastics, aluminum, cardboard, etc.
  • Use an online booking system.
  • Send digital invitations as opposed to paper ones.
  • Encourage attendees to carpool to the event.