Ask any seasoned event planner and they’ll agree: the secret to pulling off a fun corporate event is choosing the right theme. Doing so will create a vibrant atmosphere in which attendees can let loose and enjoy themselves. So instead of hosing another generic event that will be forgotten about just days later, make your next corporate event one to remember by utilizing a theme listed below.


Halloween might be over, but don’t haul your costumes off to the attic just yet. Hosting a masquerade-themed corporate event offers a fun alternative to traditional (and oftentimes boring) events. Attendees can wear masks or dress up in complete costumes. Aside from the fun factor of a masquerade-themed, event, it will promote a relaxed environment that helps attendees break the ice.

James Bond

With the 24the film in the James Bond franchise having been released just weeks ago, there’s no better time than now to host a Bond-themed event. This theme encourages attendees to dress in formal black-tie attire, making it an excellent choice for corporate events. Adding blackjack and poker tables, as well as hiring a professional magician will also help to complete the Bond theme. Because after all, even international spies enjoy some recreational gaming once in a while.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Another fun theme idea for a corporate event is Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. This theme is centered around sweet treats and candy elements from the 1971 film. The possibilities are endless when hosting a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory-themed event. You can include chocolate fondue fountains, cupcakes, cookies, lollipops, candied applies, decorative candy pieces, and more. As long as its sweet and/or colorful, it’s acceptable to use in this type of event.


Why not show your support for the great United States by hosting an America-themed event? Decorations may include American flags, patriotic banners, streamers, and vintage-inspired photos of Uncle Sam. Regarding the food, you can choose popular American cuisines to serve at the event, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and grilled chicken. There’s really no wrong way to host an Americana-themed event, so long as it features plenty of patriotic decorations and elements.

Black and White

Sometimes it’s the simple themes that work best, such as the case involving black-and-white themed events. As the name suggests, this theme is characterized by the use of black-and-white elements. From the table settings and food to the venue decorations and dress code, this theme’s focus is on black and white. Check out this Pinterest Board to draw inspiration for your next black-and-white themed corporate event.

Photo credit: chashama