Thinking about exchanging vows with your significant other this winter season? The chilly temperatures may discourage some couples from getting married during this time of year, but there are several benefits to having a winter wedding that shouldn’t be overlooked. So before you and your fianc√© book a venue, you should check out the following pros and cons listed below.

Winter Wedding Pros

  • Vendor Services Cost Less
    By having your wedding during the winter, you can reap the benefits of cheaper vendor services. From catering and baking to photography and DJ services, wedding vendors usually charge less for their services this time of year. This is because fewer couples get married during the winter (the “off season” for weddings), encouraging vendors to discount their services.
  • Snowy Photo Opportunities
    Another perk of winter weddings is the potential for a snow-capped landscape, which can yield some truly brilliant photo opportunities. While many couples prefer the traditional green landscapes for their wedding photos, a snowy-white landscape is a fun alternative. Just remember to incorporate bright colors into your wedding attire so it contrasts against the snow.
  • Greater Choice of Dates
    It’s frustrating when you find the perfect venue, only to discover that your preferred date is already booked by another couple. Scheduling your big day for the winter, however, tends to yield more options. There’s always the possibility that another couple is seeking a winter wedding as well, but most venues see fewer bookings during this winter.
  • It Won’t be Too Hot
    This may sound obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning that heat shouldn’t be an issue for winter weddings. If you live in south, outdoor summer weddings could result in some uncomfortably hot temperatures for guests.
  • Incorporate Holiday Decor into Your Wedding
    Getting married during the winter allows you and your significant other to incorporate holiday decor into the wedding theme. Garland, mistletoe, string lights, and red ribbons are all great choices.

Winter Wedding Cons

  • Floral Arrangements Cost More
    While there are always exceptions to this rule, floral arrangements typically cost more during the winter as opposed to the spring or summer months. Couples often spend between $1,000 to $2,000, or 10% of their total budget, on flowers. During the winter, though, this cost is increased due to the fact that many wedding flowers are out of season.
  • Winter Travel Can be Hectic
    To say traveling during the winter can be hectic would be an understatement. From bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway to half-day flight layovers, the holidays are filled with headaches for travelers. Unfortunately, guests may experience these headaches when traveling to the venue if you opt for a winter wedding.
  • It May Be Too Cold
    Even if heat isn’t an issue with winter weddings, extreme cold might pose a risk to guests. To keep guests warm, it’s recommended that couples set up outdoor heaters and serve warm beverages like hot cocoa and coffee.

Photo credit: Kayleigh Ghiot