Rustic weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. According to a report by Destination Weddings Travel Group, it’s the new shabby chic, with couples throughout the country embracing this fun, natural theme.

Skip the Vases, Use Mason Jars Instead

Rather than placing floral arrangements in vases, try placing them in mason jars instead. Mason jars have a country vibe, making them the perfect decorative accessory for a rustic wedding. You can then arrange your flower-filled mason jars throughout the venue, adding a brilliant touch of color to the environment. Being that mason jars cost less than a buck apiece, this isn’t going to hurt your budget.

Brown Luggage Tags for Seating Chart

The folks at SmashingtheGlass recommend using brown luggage tags pinned to string with clothes hanger for a rustic seating chart. Write each guest’s name and table number/location on a brown luggage tag, at which point you can pin them to string using a clothes hanger. This is a fun alternative to the traditional chalkboard seating chart that guests are sure to love. Furthermore, it provides a keepsake for your wedding guests.

Use Rope

You can create a more rustic look and feel to your wedding by decorating it with rope. Try wrapping some basic, craft-grade rope around furniture, buckets and various decorations. You could even opt for a rope tying activity to symbolize the union of your two families instead of a unity candle.

Less Formal

When planning your wedding, try to focus on a more laid back and relaxed atmospheric mood/setting. Do-it-yourself decorations and comfortable seating will help you achieve this theme in your wedding.

Neutral Colors

There’s nothing wrong with using bright and bold colors in your wedding, but you should focus on neutrals for a rustic look and feel. Brown, tan, beige and creams are all excellent color choices. If you need help choosing colors for your rustic wedding, check out this Pinterest board for ideas.

Choose a Rustic Venue

Selecting the right venue will also help you achieve an authentic rustic wedding. Some venues feature barns, hayfields, wooden benches, and other rustic elements, while others have a more modern appearance. San Diego’s Bash Boutique is an excellent choice, as it offers a special add-on package for rustic decorations. The bottom line is that you should book your wedding at a rustic venue if you want this style reflected on your big day.

Photo credit: A Klar