Corporate events can bring in a lot of great publicity for a brand. Look at all of the hype that surrounds big release events for brands like Apple. While your company may not have the same type of following, you still want everything from the event parking to your live entertainment to go off without a hitch because the last thing you want is for your company to be suddenly on the map due to ending up on some kind of corporate event fails video. Here are a few of the big mistakes to avoid.

  • Be careful where you cut costs – Of course, you need to budget. All successful businesses do. Just be careful where you cut the costs. Hire the cheapest catering service, and everyone may go home with food poising. Choose the cheapest entertainer, and he or she may be more of an embarrassment than an entertainer. Select the wrong venue, and you may not have enough space.
  • Communicate well when things change last minute – This always happens with events, so you have to roll with the punches. But dealing with last-minute changes the wrong way can lead to absent vendors, lost deposits, or an event that completely fails to get off the ground (think Fyre Festival level disaster).

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