You want your wedding to be a special day for you and your new spouse, but you also want all your family and friends to enjoy themselves. That usually means having a band or DJ at the wedding reception to get everyone out on the dance floor. You should play an active role in determining the music that will be played. Here are a few ways to get music ideas to share with your wedding entertainer(s).

  • Pay attention at weddings – If you are going to be attending other weddings between now and yours, see what songs really get the crowd going and request those.
  • Ask your friends – Why not send an email to your guests and ask for suggestions? They are going to be the ones dancing, so they know what kind of music they like. It’s kind of like taking requests, just in advance.
  • Search online – If you Google (or DuckDuckGo) the best wedding songs of the year, you should be able to get some recommendation on trending music.
  • Communicate with your entertainment – Your DJ or band may have suggestions for what has worked at other weddings they have performed at. See which ones fit your attendees.

Hire the Right Wedding Entertainment

Of course, hiring the right wedding entertainment is half the battle. SGM Events is here to help by offering the best musical and alternative wedding entertainment in San Diego. To hire one of our experienced entertainers, call 800.670.7308, or submit an online booking inquiry today!