You don’t need to go big to enjoy luxury at your wedding. Many couples are deciding to downsize the guestlist but upsize the amenities to create a grand wedding on a small scale. Here are a few tips to keep the ceremony to a tight-knit group while still getting the wedding of your dreams.

  • Go all-in on the dress – Fewer guests mean more funds to spend on other elements of the wedding. The dress is one of the places to focus. Even if you can’t invite the entire neighborhood, you can still look like the belle of the ball.
  • Make flowers the centerpiece – Cascading floral designs and take-home mini floral arrangements can brighten up an outdoor wedding.
  • Hire a pro photographer – Again, spend the money where it will matter most. You are going to look great and splurge for a beautiful cake and flowers – why not capture the moments professionally? You may even want to go with a videographer so those who couldn’t attend can still see the event.
  • Find the right caterer – Whether you have a full meal or just the cake, hire a local professional to design the perfect food for your ceremony.
  • Have the first dance right away – Especially if you intend to delay the reception until after the pandemic, have your first dance right thereafter saying your vows and having your first kiss.

Enjoy the Best Musical Elements for Your Wedding

From walking down the aisle, to your first dance, going small shouldn’t mean skimping on the quality of the music. A professional acoustic musician or two can play a small event without needing a complicated setup. Hire the best talent in the San Diego area by calling SGM Events at 800.670.7308, or you can make an inquiry online.