DJ Hevrock: Artist Feature

DJ Hevrock: Artist Feature

This week’s Artist Feature is none other than DJ Hevrock. With thirteen years of experience under his belt, Hevrock has held residencies in some of San Diego’s most popular nightclubs and has been providing music entertainment for countless weddings and private events all throughout San Diego. If you’re looking for a truly one of a kind DJ, this is your guy!

Travis Bannister, also known as DJ Hevrock, began his DJ career back in 2004. With a keen sense of sound and an infectious personality, he quickly made a name for himself playing in notable venues all over Southern California. His creative twist on new music mixed with the nostalgia of old classics is what makes up his signature sound.

Hevrock Behind DJ Set Up

With his unmatched style of play, Hevrock is an expert at reading and playing to crowds in any setting from weddings and corporate events to nightclubs and festivals. His ability to move between genres smoothly keeps his performances energetic and are always a crowd favorite. With sharp cuts and seamless blends, Hevrock keeps his parties going and the people dancing.

Hevrock With Arms Spread Out

Some notable events Hevrock has played include San Diego Fashion Week, San Diego Pride Fest and NBC’s Comic-Con Parties. More recently, his hard work has earned him a residency at the historic Hotel Del Coronado. Next time you’re in need of a DJ, choose Hevrock. You will not be disappointed!