Artist Feature: Kerry Glass

Artist Feature: Kerry Glass

This week’s artist feature is our very own Kerry Glass. Being a premier open format DJ is a tough business, yet Kerry’s versatility sets him apart by tastefully blending music of varying genres spanning across multiple decades. No one can pinpoint his style down to a single genre as he fuses together hip-hop, electronic and pop while tossing in 80’s or rock to keep things fresh. Kerry also delivers a one of a kind experience with his catalog of his own custom edits and remixes which have been featured on BBC Radio’s Diplo and Friends and respected music sources such as DJ City, BPM Supreme, Direct Music Service, Club Killers, and Headliner Music Club.

As one of our reputable agents, Kerry knows exactly what a client is looking for. He stays up to date with the latest trends in music but never veers off from crowd favorites of the past. He treats every client with special care and attention, from beginning to end, ensuring the best possible experience. His extreme professionalism truly makes working with him a pleasure. Check out Kerry’s sharp video on his strategy for making your wedding the next big event that will have people talking for years to come.

With expert track selection, seamless mixing, and charisma, Kerry’s been called upon to open for some of the industry’s top acts like Vice, Cash Cash, Dirty Audio, and Waka Flocka Flame. Not only is he a great live performer, but he creates electrifying mixes with over 7 million plays (and counting) on Fit radio.

Kerry Glass DJing at a Wedding

If you’re looking for a DJ, why not choose someone who has the skills and knowledge of a DJ and an agent. Read more on Kerry Glass and check out some of his diverse mixes ranging from mid-tempo and hip-hop to rock and summer hits. We think Kerry is pretty great but check out what other people had to say.

Kerry Glass Playing to Crowd at an Event

SGM Events specializes in giving you the best possible entertainment for your wedding or private/corporate event. We have mobile DJs with their own sound equipment and other various entertainment such as acoustic musicians and bands for hire. Don’t hesitate to leave us a booking inquiry to set up a complimentary consultation and discuss various options for your wedding or to find the right artist for you next private/corporate event.