Joshua Payne Orchestra

Joshua Payne Orchestra (JPO) . . . a jazz trio with a DJ’s play list, able to spark a dance party or relax into a sophisticated lounge vibe. In addition to creative original music, Joshua Payne Orchestra specializes in hip- hop/rock instrumental redesigns that don’t sound cheesy, including artists such as Jay Z, Rihanna, Daft Punk, The Beatles and Radiohead. The band can adapt to any environment, from rough-and-tumble bars to glitzy hotel ballrooms.

The trio has played together for over 4 years and recently relocated to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City, where they played over 6 gigs every single week . . . that’s over 300 shows a year! In addition to a high-demand schedule of bars, restaurants and hotels, Joshua Payne Orchestra has played hundreds of weddings, corporate parties and other special events.

“JPO [Joshua Payne Orchestra] takes their love of both vintage and modern music and merges them to create something contemporary and quirky. The result is a feel-good cacophony of innovative composition.”
–Salt Lake City Weekly

“From jamming in the streets to jamming with Les Paul––this is the perfect description of what Payne is capable of.”
–SLUG Magazine


“The Joshua Payne Orchestra was great. Thanks!”

Lindsay A., LPGA
April 2018

“Great Show!! Thanks for making the Barleymash 3 year one for the books.”

Aron L., Barleymash
May 2015

“SGM Events is outstanding! Freddie made finding, selecting, contracting the talent for Smooth Sundays a breeze. He selected the perfect artists for our inaugural season!”

Craig L., Omni Hotel
April 2015

“Joshua Payne Orchestra was AMAZING! Our guests loved them and they were the PERFECT fit for this event. I know we will have them back at the Omni, and I’m looking forward to working with you all again as well!”

Staci P., Omni Hotel
October 2014