Slower is a dynamic four-piece band with incredible musical versatility and an extensive repertoire of songs spanning over 5 decades. Comprised of skilled and seasoned musicians, Slower is able to play multiple genres including Classic Rock, R&B, Motown, Disco, Funk, Pop, Contemporary, and current Top 40 hits. Their diverse set list covers artists such as Neil Diamond, James Brown, KC & The Sunshine Band, Bruno Mars, AC/DC, Robin Thicke, & The Black Keys just to name a few. Slower can be the high-energy party band to keep your guests dancing, or the low-key band to provide soft, background music for your dinner or cocktail party. Experienced and professional, Slower is a youthful band with an old soul. What makes them truly unique is their appearance and exuberance on stage. The band, led by vocalist Dominic Moscatello in his signature Mohawk, come clad in suit and tie ready to entertain with an upright Bass and full percussion section to compliment guitars and keys.Along with their captivating stage presence and musicianship, Slower will provide the perfect ambience for any event.