Artistic testimonials

Artistic was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations! Our guests had so many compliments after the wedding. The one thing that he did that really stood out was that one of my husband’s friend’s requested a song that meant a lot to Mike (a tribute to his late father). Art did not have the song so he downloaded it. It meant so much to us that he went out of his way to do that. Thank you again for everything! I will be recommending Art to other friends who are getting married in the future!”

Christina W., Bride
July 2015

“SGM Events has been absolutely amazing throughout our entire experience! Professional AND fun! There was great information, consistent communication and resourceful assistance from start to finish and beyond! We are so pleased to have chosen your services for our wedding. DJ Artistic was phenomenal and I love hearing all the wonderful compliments about him and his crew! The music is an essential part of everyone’s wedding day and Artist nailed it! Thank you so much!”

Karyn S., Bride
December 2014

“My wedding was PERFECT and Andy Mauser did an excellent job! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Thank you for everything!”

Ashton K., Bride
December 2014

Artistic was the DJ for our wedding in September 2014. He is most definitely one of the best DJs out there! He was very helpful, very experienced, punctual, and owns a lot of equipment that really helps bring events together. He is also very thorough when it comes to making sure all events throughout the day is supported by the appropriate music.

He met and exceeded all of our needs and even included many ideas for our wedding that we did not think of, it made the experience 100 times better! He played very appropriate music for all events (aside from the music that we requested, of course he played all of that) and really set the mood right for the whole day.

We would highly recommend his service to anyone who has the opportunity to be able to work with him. Book him early because this man is a hard worker and you don’t want to miss him!”

Alan N., Groom
November 2014

Artistic played for our Navy Khaki ball. First and foremost, he is a true professional. He came in set up and did his thing. I tried offering him a drink but he was all business and wanted to get everything set up right. He was very flexible with the schedule and took requests from everyone. We all loved the music and his timing was great introducing people as they were called on stage. I really appreciate the fact that he did this especially with his busy schedule. He literally came straight from the airport from vacation to play at my event. Thank you so much Art. You are the best!!!”

Loma M., Private Party Client
November 2014

“We hired DJ Artistic for our wedding at the Coronado Yacht Club. We flew to CA for our wedding so a majority of our correspondence with DJ Artistic was via email and phone call. Despite not being able to meet in person until days before the wedding, his professionalism shined through from the beginning. We did not have a wedding coordinator for our wedding and he did a great job of instructing the wedding party, announcing the agenda to our guests and most importantly getting everyone up on their feet. He even purchased me a glass of wine while I was running around arranging last minute reception details before our ceremony! He is a true gentleman. Everything about our wedding was flawless and a large part of it we owe to Dj Artistic. I’d highly recommend him for your wedding or special event.”

Raquel G., Bride
November 2014

“All I can say is AMAZING and BEST DJ ever. We hired DJ Artistic for our wedding and this guy is the most professional vendor we dealt with for our wedding. We had a Moroccan themed wedding, I am Mexican and my husband is French Moroccan/American and he catered to all our guest. He played the best music to fit everyone at our wedding. Not only was he just playing music but he pretty much was also our wedding planner that day! He kept the party going and everyone loved him. I also had many unique entrance mixes I asked him to do and he made it happen. I recommend him!

He also made my dream come true of a long soul train line lol he gathered all my guest on the dance floor to “take a picture” (great picture by the way) and he made everyone split to create a huge soul train line. Everyone thought it was a great idea! It got all the shy people that usually sit down to dance :)”

Denise N., Bride
November 2014

“Arthur Mitchell aka DJ Artistic worked so hard to make our wedding ceremony and reception flawless! Finding a good DJ is a critical part of wedding planning, as this decision can greatly effect the outcome of the day.

DJ Artistic covered every detail for the music, microphone and speaker systems for our outdoor wedding and cocktail hour and reception. Everything flowed so beautifully and our guests had the time of their lives. We received so many compliments about how unbelievable the music was…………..the dance floor was always packed! At the end of the night they were begging for more.

We appreciate all the time and effort the DJ Artistic placed into answering our questions, assisting us with the planning process. He reviewed and executed our timeline for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, with great precision.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Arthur Mitchell “DJ Artistic” for all your wedding needs! We guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

Christine B., Bride
November 2014

“We hired DJ Artistic for our October 4th wedding and he was amazing!

Originally we were not planning to hire a DJ, but after meeting with Art we were hooked! He was available to us whenever we had questions or needed input. He was very helpful in providing examples and samples of what other couples had done that worked well. My favorite suggestion he gave was to announce after dinner that all wedding guests go to the dance floor for a group picture. After the picture was taken he started playing our dance music and this immediately got the dance party started! A few guests even commented on how they thought this was a brilliant way to get everyone dancing.

Our wedding was in Temecula at an estate house and Art had no problem making the commute. He even brought an assistant to make sure the event ran smoothly. He let us know that his assistant could also help with whatever we needed. Art and his assistant showed up early to make sure everything was set up on time.

Art provided all the sound equipment including mics for the officiant and speeches, while also providing up-lighting and a gobo with our wedding logo on it to display on the wall.

Art and his assistance were great at following our timeline, but were also very flexible as it is rare that any wedding ever runs completely on time. They constantly checked in when it was time to move to the next event. We hired a great Nicaraguan band for cocktail hour, but about 30 minutes in they blew a fuse and the music stopped. While the band was trying to find the fuse to reset everything, Art began to play music so that there wouldn’t be that awkward silence. He really goes above and beyond what is required of him!

Art did a wonderful job of reading our crowd, which I think is a true testament to his experience as a DJ. The dance party was amazing and the dance floor was never empty. Everyone had an amazing time and we got numerous compliments on the music and our DJ selection. When it was time for the bouquet and garter toss Art checked in with us to see if we were ready, but the music was so good and the dance floor was packed that we decided we didn’t want to stop the dance party. Instead we told Art we wanted to skip it and for him to just keep doing what he was doing. He was so flexible and gladly continued the dance party.

We had an amazing experience with DJ Artistic and would highly recommend him to everyone. He is a true professional, very easy to work with, and goes above and beyond to make sure the event runs smoothly!

Thanks Art!”

Shana W., Bride
November 2014

“We had an OUTSTANDING party with DJ Artistic, Art Mitchell. We cannot even begin to express how impressed and how happy we were with his professionalism. He made the entire event, he took direction well, and he kept things moving and fun. I’ve received compliment after compliment about how much everyone enjoyed themselves. We will definitely recommend SGM Events and Artistic and we will use them again.”

Gabi G., Private Party Client
October 2014

“DJ Artistic was A M A Z I N G! He was the best DJ we could have asked for to DJ our birthday party bash! He played the best jams and the party was dancing all night! Not to mention he was very professional, yet fun! Thank you so much DJ Artistic for helping create an incredible night!”

Amanda B., Private Party Client
October 2014

“DJ Artistic did my sister’s wedding and it was SO MUCH FUN. He really kept the party moving and kept everyone involved and upbeat. He really took initiative in ways that we didn’t even think of and was way more than just a DJ – he helped make the entire ceremony and wedding 10 times better. I would DEFINITELY recommend him!”

Jessica P., Sister of the Bride
October 2014