Jesse Johnson testimonials

“Thank you Jesse Johnson for the wonderful music.”

Madison Q., Bride
January 2019

“Everything was great!  The clients enjoyed it.  It was a pleasure having Jesse Johnson on the program.  I look forward to working with you again.”

Michael T., Destination Concepts Inc.
April 2017

“Great event – Jesse Johnson was fabulous! SGM Events is a fabulous organization – very patient during the booking process, provided lots of resources – the music links and website that shows the artists was easy to navigate and well done.  Contracting was very professional.  Jesse showed up on time, set-up and handled himself exactly as we had asked…added a unique enhancement to our event. “

Britt S., Precision Planners
February 2016

“SGM Events were fabulous to work with for our event. They provided a large list of clients where I could listen to their music and make a perfect choice. They followed up with a booking and it was done! We hired Jesse Johnson and he was amazing! He was receptive to the requirements for our group and delivered! I would definitely recommend SGM Events as they continued to let me know everything was in place, especially as the date got closer. As an event planner, time and details are important and SGM Events made my job a lot easier!”

Judy M., Colony Specialty
September 2015

Jesse Johnson was great!”

Jackson J., Destination Concepts Inc.
November 2014

Jesse Johnson did great! I got awesome feedback on him from the company. He was the perfect fit for what they were looking for.”

Lizzie B., Event Planner
December 2013