Mike Czech testimonials

“You guys crushed it as always.Thanks again [Mike Czech and The Sidekicks ].”

Marco P., Coronado Brewing
July 2018

“We are big fans of Mike Czech! He always does an amazing job and mixes up the music based on what’s going on both in the crowd and on stage. Very flexible and open to input/suggestions. Thank you for another awesome gig!”

Ashley O., Boo Ball
October 2017

Mike Czech was great last night. He was professional, listened to mine/clients/venues needs, and helpful. All in all, a success! We look forward to working with him again.”

Ciara F., AZA Events
September 2017

“Another great year and great event with the help of DJ Mike Czech. Thanks so much to you and your team!”

Melanie U., UCSD Event Organizer
August 2017

“We love Mike Czech!!  So easy to work with, a true professional in every regard and an extremely talented DJ!!!”

Ashley O., Clear Channel Media
October 2016

“On time and very professional. DJ Mike Czech did an awesome job. Would recommend this company and DJ to anyone. Thanks again!”

Ryan A., Viejas Casino
October 2016

“DJ Mike Czech did a phenomenal job as always. Thanks so much!”

Melanie U., The Little Grad Picnic
August 2016

Mike Czech is AWESOME and the clients really enjoyed him.”

Arron R., Hard Rock San Diego
July 2016

“Had a great time with Mike Czech, everyone enjoyed his selection of music. I will keep you guys in mind for future events.”

Noelle F., Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc.
June 2016

“Event was great. DJ Mike Czech was awesome to work with and he really brought the party last night.  We had 200 people just loving his house music mash up’s at the Wavehouse and they would have rocked out till 2:00am if the city would have allowed a sound ordinance until then.  I though the wooden decks everyone was dancing on were going to implode.  Had to shut down at 10:05pm.  Haha. Solid performance!”

Jonathan R., Destination Concepts Inc.
April 2016

Mike Czech did an excellent job! We were so impressed and we would definitely hire him again. Thank you!”

Melanie W., Private Party Client
January 2016

“We love Mike Czech – he always kills it!!”

Ashley O., Clear Channel Media
November 2015

Mike Czech did a great job and is always a pleasure to work with. He is easygoing and comes prepared. He also is able to think on his feet and accommodate last minute changes. Our team loves working with him and hopes to work with him at each Little Grad Picnic.”

Melanie U., Little Grad Picnic
August 2015

“LOVED HIM [Mike Czech]. Everything was great!”

Paige W., The Event Team
January 2015

“The event went well. Thank you.[Mike Czech]

Jennifer S., Lifespan PT
December 2014

“Thank you guys – we always loving have Mike Czech at our events!”

Ashley O., Clear Channel Media
November 2014

Mike Czech is always amazing! We love having him here at the Hard Rock! Thank you for another kick a** night!”

Danielle S., Hard Rock Hotel
October 2014

“Rico [Rico DeLargo], Mike Czech, and Who and Paulo da Rosa were all great. They were professional and easy to work with.”

Martin D., Allied PRA
September 2014

“Thank you [Mike Czech] again for your help with a wonderful event!”

Erin M., The Little Grad Picnic
August 2014

“DJ Mike Czech is great. Glad we could have him. He even took the time to talk music and explain DJ techniques to some of the children there. Awesome day of music.”

Chris S., Reality Changers Festival Coordinator
November 2013

“Thanks for coordinating the DJ services for us [Mike Czech]. Your work helped benefit our “little grads,” discharges/patients, of UC San Diego Health System’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and their families, our physicians, nurses, staff and the San Diego Community at large – everyone had so much fun, thanks to your work. We could not have done it without you!”

Christina D., UCSD Event Committee
September 2013