Whitney Shay testimonials

“What a great show! Loved having them [Whitney Shay Band] for our anniversary party! They were able to really set the mood and entertain all guests.”

Aron L., Barleymash
June 2019

“We were thrilled with Whitney Shay and Ben, the piano player. They were INCREDIBLE and ended up being a bit of celebrity in the room. We had several guests know her and were so thrilled she was there. They were so easy to work with and really made our event a party.”

Sarah K., David S. Tam
December 2018

“Thank you for everything! Whitney [Whitney Shay Band] was fantastic!”

Sarah K., Edward Jones
November 2018

“We had a fantastic experience with the Whitney Shay Band and received exuberant feedback from our guests – even moved to tears! They made the party. We felt we hit the lottery with our artists and are incredibly grateful. Extremely talented, professional, personable, easy to work with and fun. THANK YOU!!!”

David T., Edward Jones
November 2018

“Billy [Billy the Kid] was great to work with. Whitney [Whitney Shay] was the absolute highlight of the night! Great performance and energy – our guests loved the band!”

Silvia S., Gurtin Municipal
February 2018